wood paint won't stickWhat causes adhesion failure on wood? There are a number of things that can bring this about, including having inadequate surface preparation, lack of or poor quality primer, inadequate caulking, use of poor quality topcoat and much more.

Excessive moisture either passing through substrate, pooling on surface or seepage through bad or non-existent caulk joints can also be a major problem. The wet wood will swell under the paint, causing the paint film to loosen, crack and peel.

Damage to surface can also allow moisture to penetrate topcoat. Whatever the case may be in your situation, there’s a fix for this problem.





Use top quality coatings. Always prepare the surface correctly. Wood should be sanded, primed and all joints and seams should be caulked.

Eliminate sources of moisture when possible.

Repair damaged areas as soon as possible to prevent further damage.

Avoid using factory primed lumber. It is usually not primed with a high quality product. It often peels after a few years regardless of the quality of the top coat.

Once peeling has occurred, scrape all loose paint and sand areas smooth to eliminate ridges. Prime with high quality primer and allow to dry thoroughly. Caulk all joints and seams. Apply at least two coats top quality acrylic latex.

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