Ceiling Repair

Ceiling repair can be a challenge when done correctly. It is often not the repair but the texture work after the repair is complete that makes or breaks the success of the repair. I always say that if you can find the repaired area, it is a failure. That is tough to accomplish. Many years ago I did work for a restoration company in Omaha and got so good at the drywall repair and texture work that they use to send me out instead of the dry-wall contractors. Sometimes being a perfectionist is a good thing.

Maximum overspray protection

Doing the repair is a slow, meticulous process and will take a few days since there are dry times involved. This is not something you want rushed or it will look like it was.

This is not something I would suggest a homeowner try on their own but I will go through the general steps so you can spot if someone is skipping steps or rushing it.

Ready for a final sand then texture

If you have a crack on your ceiling it will likely be at a tape joint. Whether it is on a tape joint or not and whether it is on a ceiling or wall it will need to have the loose material removed, be sanded and re-taped. You want the repaired area sanded lower then the textured area and the layers of mud should be applied after adequate dry times and proper sanding between coats of mud.

Needless to say all this type of work creates a lot of dust and debris. drop cloths, plastic sheeting and a good shop vac are a must.

You don’t want anyone using “hot” or fast set mud. They are just rushing the job and it will show.

In the Omaha area a crows foot texture is common. Smooth ceilings and even a knock down texture is popular too. Practicing the texture on pieces of cardboard is a good idea. The appearance of the texture can be controlled by many factors such as how diluted the mud is with water, drytime before texturing, and technique.

these photos are from a knockdown texture so after everything was ready to go the mud was sprayed on, allowed to set up and then knifed off.

The repaired ares are allowed to dry, primed and then the entire ceiling is painted.

Painting Brick

Painting Brick is not my first choice when painting a home. I like the look of brick in most cases but occasionally we are asked to paint it. Sometimes it is a good look but it is essentially forever so it is a decision you want to give thought to.

To do the job correctly there are steps that must be followed. Just like painting a house, the brick must be thoroughly washed and allowed adequate time to dry.

The brick must be primed and the primer must be sprayed and scrubbed in using a thick nap roller cover. I like a 3/4 cover. The primer of choice is XIM 400. Expensive but worth the money. You can go with a high Alkali primer but I have found that in most cases it is not necessary.

A quality exterior latex is the way to go for the finish coat. On this project we used Pittsburg Sunproof Satin. A minimum of two coats are required. Both coats should also be scrubbed in to insure good coverage and fill all cracks and pin holes in the mortar joints.

brick before
brick after

This home turned out well. Interesting color selections a sharp contrast of before and after.

How Do You Know When It’s Time To Paint Your House

How Do You Know When It’s Time To Paint Your House

Some times it is obvious when it’s time to paint your house. If it is not obvious, here is a short guideline for when it is time. The trick is always to try and catch your home before it has extremely failed paint. It can reach a point where it becomes much more expensive to repaint just because of the extent of the failure.

Your paint is failing. Peeling, flaking, blistering paint are all signs that it is due for a makeover. Some paint may appear to be sound but has faded considerably. You can sometimes remove a downspout to see the “before and after” or track how much your home has faded. Faded paint is a early sign of failure. Don’t ignore failing paint, it can lead to bigger problems down the road.

Selling your home. Curb appeal is always a factor when selling your home. Repainting your home is a small investment for the big sale. A freshly painted house is a sign of a well cared for home. You have one opportunity to make a first impression.

Carpentry issues. Damaged siding, window trim, etc. can be signs of additional issues. Have them addressed as part of a new exterior paint job. You may have wood rot, water damage issues, carpentry ants/ termites, etc.

Failing Caulk. Once caulk fails the above begins. Water damage, etc. The best time to have your home professionally caulked is as part of a exterior paint job.

It’s due. You don’t have to wait for damage or obvious signs of paint failure. It’s better and cheaper if you don’t. The life of an exterior paint job in the Omaha market is dependent on several factors. The quality and degree of prep work, the quality of the paint, How often the home is washed and minor paint issues addressed, etc. If everything was done right, you should expect 10 to 15 years on the life of you painted exterior. High Quality Paint makes a big difference. If your paint job is 10 years old or more, it’s time to paint your house.

Painting Ceilings

Painting ceilings isn’t difficult but no one seems to want to do them. If you have a ceiling that needs a fresh coat of paint or maybe you have some water stains you need addressed, the first step it to determine what type of ceiling you have. In the Omaha market textured ceilings are very common but smooth ceilings are gaining in popularity in the Midwest. You want to determine the ceiling type to know the best approach to painting it.

If you happen to have a sprayed popcorn ceiling that has never been painted then it will need to be sprayed. The popcorn texture will come off as you try to roll a coat of paint on it. If it has been previously painted then you may be able to roll it but I would suggest not going back to areas you have rolled to touch up until it is completely dry or the texture will come down. When you roll a coat of paint on it the paint loosens the popcorn texture bond and it doesn’t take much for it to come down.

Regardless of the type of ceiling you have the two big challenges are drips falling down onto your belongings or carpet and the cut around the perimeter of the wall. It is easier to paint a ceiling when you are painting your walls too. If you are only painting the ceiling then you are doing what is called a reverse cut. Only cutting in the ceiling which can be an awkward angle. If you are painting the walls as well then you aren’t concerned about the walls and you cut the wall color in after the ceilings are done. This is a more natural angle to run a cut line. Doing a good cut line just takes practice regardless of the angle.

As far as dripping on anything below the ceiling, the best approach is to remove as much of the contents as possible, use drop cloths on the carpets and a lightweight plastic on furniture. When painting ceilings the fewer obstacles on the floor the better.

If you have water stains you will need to seal them with an oil based primer prior to painting.

When rolling a ceiling you will want the right equipment. as previously mentioned drop cloths, plastic, a good paint frame and pole, brush, etc.

The easiest approach is to systematically roll from wall to wall working you way to the other side of the room. If you have very high ceilings, skylights, ceilings over stairs, etc. you may consider having a professional do it for you.

The Color of your Child’s Bedroom Affects Behavior

The Color of your Child’s Bedroom Affects Behavior

When deciding on a color or colors for your child’d bedroom consider that the color of your child’s bedroom affects behavior. Both Corporations and Governments have put research into how we are affected by the colors around us and have used that information to influence our choices and behavior. For example prisons paint holding areas pink because pink is a calming color. Restaurants use the color red because it stimulates appetite.

Speaking of RED, it is also an energizing and exciting color. It can stimulate anger and hostility. Kids and energy go hand in hand so they don’t really need additional stimulation. If using red in a kids bedroom you may want to limit it to an accent wall.

As previously mentioned, PINK is a calming color and may be a good choice for a kids room.

GREEN is also a calming color. It has a soothing effect on both adults and children. This is a good choice for children that struggle with anxiety.

BLUE has a soothing effect as well. It reduces both anxiety and anger. Blue enhances creativity and makes a relaxing environment.

YELLOW is the color of happiness. It has been shown to boost memory and concentration. It stimulates intelligence and is a perfect choice for a kids room.

ORANGE enhances critical thinking and memory. It is friendly and cheerful. Studies have shown that children play more cooperatively in Orange rooms.

It’s fun to decorate a child’s bedroom and create an environment that will comfort and stimulate them. Remember that the hue and saturation of a color plays a critical role. One color of pink can be calming while a “hot” pink can be stimulating. The color of your child’s bedroom affects behavior. Choose the color or colors best suited for your child to enhance their unique attributes.

Eradicate Mold and Mildew

On almost every home we paint the exterior of, I can spot either mold, mildew or both. When repainting the exterior of your home it is very important to completely eradicate mold and mildew. If you don’t it can continue to grow under the new layers of paint.

eradicate mold and mildew

When we prepare a home we use pretty strong chemicals that will require the home to then be painted. Even if you are not painting your home you should wash it at least twice a year and make sure to use the right chemical to remove dirt, mold and mildew.

There are several products available at all the big box stores. Whether or not it says it is safe around plants I would suggest you still cover them. You can make a pretty good cleaner yourself by taking 3 quarts water and adding 1 quart bleach and 1/2 cup TSP or washing soda. TSP is trisodium phosphate.

Wet the surfaces to be cleaned and them apply the cleaning mixture with a pump sprayer or with a power washer if it has a cleaner suction hose. Let it stand for several minutes and then rinse well.

Sometimes when you spray the cleaner on your siding you can actually see the mold, mildew degrade and run down the siding like mascara and tears. There has been times when I didn’t see any mold until the cleaner hit it.

Eradicate mold and mildew twice a year to keep your home, and your paint job, looking great. It will lengthen the life of the paint job.

Open For Business

Open For Business

A major obstacle for any business is staying open for business during improvement or renovation. Sometimes closing down briefly is the way to go but no one likes lost revenue or disgruntled customers.

In most cases if the improvements involve painting you can stay open and here is how to do it.

First and foremost you want to work with a paint contractor that will work flexible hours. In many cases this solves the problem. Simply doing the paint work during hours you are normally closed won’t hit your revenue stream or impose on customers.

Sometimes the scope of work or other factors will require the work to be done during business hours. If that is the case here are some tips to make the process easier.

Make sure everyone knows what is going on. Employees, customers, delivery people, etc. Have a flyer emphasizing the positives of the improvements and anticipated start and completion dates. If possible have a separate entrance for workers, designated parking and cleanup/storage areas. You don’t want someone cleaning out a brush in the men’s room. It is very important to have paint products separated far from food products for example. Make sure the Paint Contractor has MSDS sheets for all products on site.

Use low VOC products. There are paints that will perform but have little odor. Use designated work areas and barriers to block off those areas. Simple sheets of plastic can do wonders.

Make sure areas that have wet paint are not accessible to customers and use wet paint signs. Try to schedule any work that will be loud to off hours. No one wants to listen to a sander while trying to eat.

Have a plan to handle complaints. A coupon for a future discount can quickly turn things around.

When everything is complete don’t forget to emphasize it. Use social media, radio, etc. Offer a special to customers to come check things out. You have spent some money on improvements, get the most out of it and leverage those improvements to bring in more business. Staying open for business during improvements is doable. We help businesses do it all the time.

Omaha Old Market Revamp

Omaha Old Market Revamp

Omaha old market is a great place to visit. If you live in Omaha you already know that. If you are considering visiting Omaha it is definitely a place you want to see. We have had the opportunity to do a bit of work in the old market and it is always a great experience.

omaha old market revamp
decaying limestone

omaha old market revamp
lots of it

This time we got to revamp the exterior of a restaurant there and we started with rebuilding some of the decayed limestone on the exterior. Limestone becomes very fragile when it begins to deteriorate. There was a fair amount that needed to be fixed.

omaha old market revamp
rebuilding limestone

We came up with our own concoction and it works great. The first step is to remove all the crumbling limestone. You need to be somewhat careful when doing this as it’s hard to find a stopping point. The more you scrape the more that comes off. I found that one of the best tools for this is a small wire brush. You can kinda shape the stone as you are removing the damaged material.

omaha old market revamp

The next step is applying a pre-conditioner product. It’s basically a glue which we also add to the vinyl cement that we use to rebuild the limestone. We saturate the stone with this product and immediately apply a firm mixture of vinyl cement. When we are rebuilding the limestone we have to do it in several layers. An eighth of an inch is about as thick as we go per layer.

omaha old market revamp

What works best for applying the cement mixture is your hands. It’s like forming something with clay. We of course wore latex gloves. The mixture is pretty rough on your hands.

omaha old market revamp
lift work

After we built up the limestone we primed it with a high PH masonry primer. This property was on a busy corner and difficult to get to so we had to use a lift and coordinate shutting down city meters and blocking parking stalls. That was a job in its self. I lost count of how many times we needed the Omaha Police help.

We applied several coats of high performance coatings so this will continue to look great many years from now. Fun project.

Four Quick Painting Projects

Four Quick Painting Projects

If you have lived in your home for awhile it is easy to get used to the same old look. When you consider repainting it sometimes becomes overwhelming to consider a “painting project”. Here are four quick painting projects that you can consider to quickly change the look and feel inside your home. Just pick one as a possible kick start to possibly something more.


The doors inside your home take a beating. It is easy to overlook the wear and tear they take. Stop for a moment and really look at them. Repainting them the same color again will be easier and still have a nice clean updated look. Have you considered changing the color? If you think you might like a different color, I would suggest starting with your front door. A nice bright front door draws attention and makes a homes appearance really pop.

Hopefully you have kept track of the paints inside your home. Get a new gallon, get your paint supplies together and spend a day getting those doors updated.


Bathrooms like doors take a beating. Since these are high moisture environments, take a look at the condition of the drywall around the shower and tub. If it looks like it may need some work you may want to pass and let a professional paint contractor take care of it.

If it looks good and sound then painting a bathroom is generally not a major undertaking and you can get a lot of bang for the buck. Pick a bold color and go for it. I would suggest going with a higher sheen paint. A satin is a good choice.


Most kitchens can be repainted by a homeowner in a weekend. The idea is about change so you don’t have to have the “perfect” color. Just pick something you like. The kitchen is the rally point for most families so you might want to have a consensus on the color.

Accent Wall

Perhaps the quickest and easiest of the four quick painting projects is the accent wall. A good choice for a accent wall is one that your eyes are naturally drawn too. Perhaps a wall with a fireplace, A dominant wall in a room, A wall with natural breaks in it that lend to it being an accent wall. Perhaps the wall space above your cabinets in the kitchen. Once you have an accent wall you can pick a wall hanging, etc. that will help with the accent.

We Paint The Cleanest Homes in Omaha

We do paint the cleanest homes in Omaha because we clean them! I am amazed by the lack of prep given to homes by many paint contractors. Prep would be the scraping , sanding, caulking, priming and of course washing.

paint the cleanest homes in omaha
nice clean house

Washing a house before painting it is so important. If not done correctly it can spell disaster. You will be sealing dirt, mold, mildew under your new paint job. Besides getting poor adhesion, the mold and mildew will take off and grow under the new film of paint. Unless a mildewcide has been added to the new paint.

There really isn’t a “typical” home in Omaha but on average we spend about 5 hours power washing a home. Sometimes much longer if the home is in a tree line or has been neglected.

When power washing it is important to wash all surfaces from a relatively close distance. Close enough to blast off the dirt but not so close as to cause damage. Chemicals are a must!!! We use our own concoction (we make) that will kill mold/mildew, etc.

This stuff gets pretty slippery so we try to avoid going up ladders or walk on roofs as much as possible. We have a rather long spray pole that enables us to spray very high up at a close distance. It’s very hard to hold onto because of the leverage working against the user but it works great and is much safer. It’s the long yellow pole in the photo.

Sometime actual scrubbing with a brush is necessary but worth it. A very clean surface is the best way to start prepping out a home for a new paint job. We really do paint the cleanest homes in omaha.