Experiencing difficulties with your painting project? The Painting Company regularly publishes articles on some of the many problems people face when painting their homes, and the remedies to those problems. Below you’ll find some of the many painting problems that people encounter every day.

Adhesion Chalking

Cause   Chalking is oxidation of the paint film from exposure to the elements and sun. The breakdown of the paints resin and binder causes a fine powder on the surface.  This is a normal weathering process and as paint failures go, this one is the “best” way for a paint to fail. The fix [...]

Adhesion Moister Entrapment

Cause   Moisture entrapment is caused by water of course. Somewhere water is penetrating into the wood behind the coating. The source can be from inside the structure, a vent, bad caulk joint, roof flashing, etc. A sufficiently high moisture content inside a structure can also cause entrapment as the moisture migrates through the wall. [...]

Adhesion Peeling on Wood

Cause   What causes adhesion failure on wood? There are a number of things that can bring this about, including having inadequate surface preparation, lack of or poor quality primer, inadequate caulking, use of poor quality topcoat and much more. Excessive moisture either passing through substrate, pooling on surface or seepage through bad or non-existent [...]

Adhesion Efflorescence Masonry

Problem   Peeling of paint and formation of bubbles. This can be found both inside and outside of structures. Commonly found on basement walls and sections of walls below grade. This is typically cause by efflorescence. Efflorescence is crusty white salt deposits formed on mortar or masonry walls as water passes through them. There are other [...]

Differentiating Mildew and Mold

Mildew Mold Cause   Mildew resembles dirt in appearance. Can look gray, brown or black. Often found in areas that receive little direct sunlight; eaves and areas of northern exposure. Mildew is a fungus and does not need light. Mold and algae grow in the same areas that mildew does but usually requires more frequent [...]

Corrosion – Atmospheric

Cause The chemical reaction of a metal with the environment (that causes deterioration) is corrosion. Aluminum is a very reactive metal. Powdered Aluminum is used as rocket propellant! Aluminum is naturally resistant to the environment due to the Aluminum oxide film that forms on it’s surface. The film is extremely thin but is sufficient to [...]