Scary proof Paint

Scary story

Fears are common in children between the ages of three and eight. Children have a vivid imagination. A scary story or movie is sometimes all it will take.  Children eventually outgrow these early fears.





I recently discovered a neat idea on helping your child overcome these fears in a fun way. It’s called the Monster proof paint kit. This idea from Peter and Izzy was born out of a desire to help their own children feel safe. This ingenious product is available at Amazon.


Monster Paint


What you get is a colorful printed label that will fit a one gallon paint can, monster proof powder, and a full color story book to read with your children.


Monster powder


After mixing the Monster proof powder with your paint, you simply paint the walls and transform the room into a monster free zone. The room is shielded from bad dreams and monsters.


monster proof paint company


This is a fun way to regain your sanity and get some sleep yourself. Monster Proof Paint is a smart idea and it’s made in the USA.

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