Which Room to Paint First

Which Room to Paint First

When hiring a painter, perhaps for the first time, it is hard to know which room to paint first when what you want painted is the interior of your occupied home.

The two most common questions I get when we are painting the interior of a customers home is:

  1. How long will it take.
  2. Where to start.

How long it will take comes down to two things.

  1. How difficult the job is.
  2. The amount of contents in the home.

Most residential jobs are not difficult. However the amount of stuff in the home can both slow the job down and make it more difficult at the same time. If there is a lot of “things” in the areas to be painted it will slow the job considerably. A bedroom full of children’s toys, furniture, posters on the wall, etc. can make a job miserable for both the painter and the customer. There are situations where there is so much in an area that the job must be rescheduled.

For example. A typical 10’x15′ bedroom with no contents may take a couple hours to paint start to finish. That same room full of “stuff” can take a full day.

A customer can greatly streamline the time it will take to do a job by reducing the contents of the areas to be painted.

Which room to paint first? Every job is unique but I usually recommend that the kitchen is first. This gets it out of the way and meals can go on as planned. Next would be bathrooms for similar reasons. One at a time of course. Common areas like living rooms, hallways, stairways are next and bedrooms are last.

Occasionally we use a different approach. Sometimes taking care of a child’s room first gives them a space away from the project as it progresses and is less stressful for the child

The goal is to do a professional job with the least disruption to the customer.

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