Water Stains


Water stains have a way of coming back again and again, even after the cause of the problem is fixed and the water has dried. Often tannins in construction lumber are carried by the water through the drywall and are deposited on the surface as the water dries. Tannins can be difficult to seal and if there is a high mineral content in the water it’s worse.

water-stain on drywall
water-stain on ceiling tile

These are two good examples of how the tannins radiate to the edge of the stain as the water dries.


The key is to use the right sealer. The “big gun” is shellac. You would be hard pressed to find a stain this won’t take care of.

BIN sealer by Zinnser for water stains

Many water stains can also be addressed with various other sealers such as Kilz. Once the stain has been sealed you only need to paint over it with a quality topcoat.

Water Stains

Water stains always have a root cause. Whether it is a build up of condensation in the attic, leaking roof or a plumbing issue, it is important to investigate the matter and correct the problem.

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