Painting A Historic Building

Painting a historic building has many twists and turns. Historic buildings almost always have lead based paint that must be mitigated. I’ve yet to run into one that didn’t have lead based paint. The other main concern is there is always others involved in the project that have concerns with the painting process. The main concerns are centered on preserving the original colors and using processes that minimize impact upon the surfaces to be painted. Sometimes we run into people concerned with safety but that is not common.

We do not get involved with lead mitigation so when we are on site the mitigation has already been done. In most cases the lead mitigation is scraping and removal of the lead based paint and then sealing/priming the various surfaces.

We are on the front side of a project in Louisville Nebraska that is a historic building. There are always bureaucratic hurdles to deal with such as color submissions and scope of work submissions. The process of doing a project is always slow. If you recognize that upfront it makes things less stressful. Travel time to this project is worth noting. We do a lot of work in Western Omaha, Elkhorn area so travel is something we are accustomed to.

To start we will be doing the interior of the building. No decision has been shared with us on the exterior yet. We will be doing mostly walls, doors and trim. I believe we will be doing white walls/gray trim. Like I said the process on painting a historic building is slow so we will update this post as the work progresses.

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