Interior Ladder Work

Ladder work is a key part of being a painting contractor. Both interior ladder work and exterior ladder work.

Ladder work

We have no shortage of ladders. Step ladders and extension ladders. This is a ten foot step ladder which we used to repair a hole in the ceiling of a Omaha Nebraska Hotel. Then we matched the ceiling paint and painted the area.

The most often used step ladder for us is a six foot. We use from four feet to twelve foot step ladders and sixteen to forty foot extension ladders. We use man lifts and scaffolding as well depending on the job.

We used both scaffolding and a man lift on different projects at this same Omaha Hotel.

We recently used scaffolding to bridge over an escalator so we could reach the ceiling. The scaffolding had to go on the escalator steps and it was not as stable as I would like but we were able to brace it and level the legs with blocking. The big problem was we could not get the up and down escalator to stop with the steps level with each other. It worked.

Scaffolding over escalator
scaffolding over escalator

We used a manlift to reach the ceiling in the Hotel Ballroom. The ceiling was at about 28 feet. The lift made the job much easier and we were able to complete the job before the room needed to be used.

manlift in ballroom

One of the often overlooked aspects to using ladders, scaffolding or a manlift is protecting the area from debris and paint ahead of time. It’s easy to get something set up and then realize you need to protect the floor or surroundings with plastic.

Safety is important and easily overlooked. There are many websites that have safety information about using scaffolding, ladders, etc. A good one is the American Ladder Institute . The information they have is useful. Common sense goes a long way when using any equipment. Ladders, scaffolding, lifts included. Another site with useful information is the American Society of Safety Professionals . They have some good information but it gets technical and not really easy to read.

On our jobs, interior ladder work is the most common followed by exterior ladder work and then manlift work.

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