Interesting Paint Products II

Interesting paint products II. This is the follow-up to the last post “Interesting Paint Products”. Apparently a lot of people found it interesting and requested more so here we go.

No Miss Ceiling Paint

There are lots of varieties of this product out there but the theory is the same. It starts out as one color, usually a pink or blue and as it dries it changes to a white. It makes it easier to see where you have painted so as to avoid missed spots. It is a cool idea. I have never tried one of these but can see the advantage to it if you are not accustomed to painting. I have talked to people that have use these types of products and the feedback was good.


Pittsburg Paint no miss ceiling paint










Paintbrush Counterweight

As interesting paint products goes this one is right up there! This company (Galaxgtools) has developed a counterweight for a paint brush. It apparently creates a balanced, lighter feeling paint brush and reduces fatigue and hand stress. For $3.99 it might be worth a try. You get three different weights to find what works for you. I’ve decided to give it a whirl so I will let you know what I think. Galaxgtools

galaxgtools paintbrush counterweight









Corner roller

These are kinda cool. I have used one before and it works as advertised. We don’t tend to use them because we can cut corners very fast with just a brush but if you are looking for ways to speed things up a bit, this might be for you. You want to remember to stop short of the ceiling when you get to rolling the corners fast!

corner roller with lambskin cover

Interesting Paint Products

Interesting paint products come and go all the time. There must be an inventive mind set with many painters or supply manufactures. I am amazed and sometimes jealous at the interesting paint products I see from time. Jealous because I sometimes wish I came up with the idea. I also get a good laugh sometimes with some of the more crazy or useless stuff.


I have used this product and in fact I usually have a roll or two in my tape bucket. It is a high quality product and it does what it is suppose to. It takes a little getting use to when taping but the learning curve is pretty short. It is a paper with a bead of polyurethane gel running the length. The gel fills any gaps or imperfections on a wall so you can get a straight paint edge and the gel forms a tight seal on things like baseboards. SnotTape works well, just don’t use some that you have had around for a long time as it will dry out.

Interesting Paint Products SnotTape







Ionic Paint

This is a real interesting one. I have not tried it and I’m not sure if I will but it’s something worth some thought. It is a paint additive composed of “rare earth” elements that apparently gives the paint a charge that when combined with natural air movement in a room, cleans the air. It goes by the name Ionic Paint additive. There are two versions apparently. One for regular odors and one for stronger odors like animal urine. Here is a video explaining the idea and process. If you try it, tell me what you think of it.