House Painting 2022

Another house painting season is upon us. One big difference this year is an increase in paint prices and a shortage of paint. Both are irritating. We had an increase in prices in September 2021 and then again in February 2022. The prices never go down. Combined with this is difficulty in getting the paint you want. For some reason the paint that is the most difficult to get is the good stuff. Paint that I wouldn’t consider buying is in good supply. This past weekend I drove to Kansas City to get paint for two upcoming cabinet jobs.

The same guidelines for a successful paint job apply this year. Don’t start too early. I saw a contractor painting outside yesterday. That’s crazy. It was a nice day but the temperature must stay within the proper range for 24 hours and it must stay well above the dew point!!!


We don’t start exterior painting until the end of April or until the conditions are right.

A brief rundown on what to expect for a professional exterior paint job.

  1. A professional written estimate with a scope of work. What will be done in detail.
  2. A written warranty.
  3. Copy of insurance
  4. References.
  5. Anticipated start date and updates as the start date approaches.
  6. Color consultation.
  7. Carpentry and needed repairs identified.

There are many Paint Contractors in Omaha. Good and not so good. There are a lot of the “Chuck and a truck” or weekend warriors too. The expectations should be the same. Don’t sell yourself short and end up with a disaster in an effort to save money. The guys with little to no overhead or experience may do good work. You should expect insurance coverage and references as a minimum. You will likely not get a valid warranty since they often move on to other ventures within a year or two.

The best option is to get two to three professional estimates from a well established Paint Contractor like The Painting Company.

House painting is not rocket science but experience and knowledge count.

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