Pros and Cons of Painting Kitchen Cabinets

There are both pros and cons of painting kitchen cabinets. In my opinion there are more pros then cons.


You get exactly what you want. The color, sheen, style. You seldom get that choice unless you are remodeling your kitchen or building a custom home. Most people just accept what the cabinets look like when buying a home or they schedule them to be refinished/painted.

When done right, the finish will withstand the test of time. In most cases it’s for the duration of the time your in that home.

You get to clean out your cabinets! Don’t laugh. You would be surprised how many people felt much better after reorganizing the cabinets when restocking the drawers and cabinets.

You breath new life into the most important room in your home. The kitchen. The beauty of your kitchen is the number one element when selling your home and it is where your family spends most of their time.


Having your kitchen cabinets painted or refinished is very intrusive. Most kitchens take about a week and that will have an impact on your lifestyle. Eating out, eating takeout, setting up a temporary kitchen or taking a vacation are all options previous customers have chosen. You have lots of activity going on in your home for about a week.

It’s expensive. Having your kitchen cabinets professionally painted takes a lot of work. Many manhours go into every job and the best materials are not cheap. Getting an estimate now so you can budget is a good idea.

You could paint your cabinets a color that nobody else will care for. This is important to keep in mind. If selling down the road is an option, keep your color selection basic/neutral. I have customers pick colors that are very “individual”. They look great but sometimes I think the colors don’t have universal appeal.

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