Painting Cabinets Correctly

Painting Cabinets Correctly

Painting cabinets correctly should not be a difficult thing for a professional painting contractor. I have previously gone into some detail about the steps necessary for a professional, great looking end result.

What really bothers me is how often we are asked to “fix” another paint contractors work. Sometimes we can but often it is not cost effective for the customer. I think it is terrible that there are people out there doing cabinet refinishing or painting and they obviously have no clue.

As a homeowner you owe it to yourself to really check out the person or company you are intrusting your rather expensive cabinets to.

We do cabinet jobs almost weekly and are very good at it. I am confident there are other companies in Omaha that do good work too. Find out!

I recently went to look at a cabinet job to see if I could fix it and it was quickly obvious it was a total loss. The homeowners purchased some previously finished cabinets from a local store as a close out. The cabinets were probably fine to begin with but they wanted a different finish. The person they hired did no prep work at all and rolled (not sprayed) an inappropriate coating. They were a real mess. You could finger nail off the coating.

On any cabinet job there should be several days of nothing but prep work. Sanding, caulking, putty work, etc.

Painting cabinets is a special niche. Not every painter has the skills to do it correctly.

When hiring a painting contractor, check them out! look at their work or pictures of their work. Check references, reviews, etc. It could save you lots of heartache and money.

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