Paint Strippers Tested

I have wanted to test paint strippers for some time and we just had a situation where we could put different strippers to the test.

We had a cabinet door that needed to be stripped and decided to try three different products. We followed the directions on the label for each one. Both the primer and paint we were stripping were water based products and less then a week old.

Specifically we were removing one coat of INSL-X Stix, four coats of Buildermax primer and two coats of Breakthrough finish coat from a pine cabinet door.

Paint strippers
  1. Citristrip About $12.00 a quart. Considered a “safe” stripper. It doesn’t have an offensive odor. Nothing was felt when we did a skin test. It had no impact on the paint in the time frame suggested.
  2. Readystrip $11.40 a quart or so. Also considered a “safe stripper. It has a distinct odor. Not too bad. Could feel it on our skin after about 30 sec. Almost no effect on the coating in the suggested time frame.
  3. 2 Minute Remover $9.00 a quart. Strong odor. Could feel it on skin almost immediately. Made short work of the coatings on the cabinet door. Good Stripper!

It is always a good idea to wear gloves and eye protection when using any paint stripper. I also suggest using the stripper in a well ventilated area and have rags and a way to wash up readily available.

The other two strippers, citristrip and readystrip may have worked over a longer time frame and may be a good way to go if speed of removal is not a factor.

After using any stripper it is important to neutralize and clean the surface after removing the paint. We use baking soda and clean up with Simple Green cleaner. Simple Green is a great product to have on hand. We also use it to neutralize concrete floors when we use acid to etch them.

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