Interior Lift Work

Interior lift work is common on commercial painting projects. We recently used one of our man lifts on a project in Omaha. It was the only way to get to the project besides scaffolding.

The project was in the Omaha Hilton downtown. There was a leak in the ballroom ceiling that caused some damage to the drywall and paint. It was more work getting set up to do the work then the work itself.

interior lift work in Hilton ballroom.
lift work

We masked off the surroundings and had several drops down on the floor. The damage was next to and under some decorative lights. Doing the work around these intricate light fixtures was challenging.

The ceiling was scraped and then sealed with an oil base primer. Several skim coats of mud and lots of sanding and it was ready for paint. The painting was straight forward to do. Couple of coats of paint and then it was time for the worst part. Cleaning up all the drywall dust from the sanding. The dust accumulated on the underside of the light fixture. It is a delicate glass fixture and it was difficult to vacuum all the dust up without causing any damage. Lots of the areas were hard to get to even with an extension on the shopvac.

The remaining dust landed on the drops on the floor so that cleanup was easy.

At this same Hotel we did some ceiling work that we couldn’t get the lift to so we had to use a step ladder. We used a ten foot one. This repair was also a water leak but it caused enough damage that a piece of the drywall had to be replaced. pieced in some drywall and lots of sanding. It would have been much easier to do off of a lift but that was not an option.

ten foot ladder work
ten foot ladder

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