How To Avoid Bad Cabinet Painting

Cabinet painting is becoming much more common. It started trending upward about 5 years ago. Because of this there are many more people trying to tackle this type of project. Homeowner and painters alike.

This is not a project for the inexperienced. Bad cabinet painting is common on DIY jobs and more often then you think with many painters.

Cabinet painting is a niche for the well experienced.

We have been asked numerous times to fix a bad job. It is a mixed bag of mistakes we are running into from poor choice of materials to bad workmanship. It is so much harder to fix someone else’s mistakes as opposed to doing it right from the start. In the past we were being asked to fix something a couple times a year. Now it is about once to twice a month or more.

Repairing Doors

An added challenge today is the availability of the products ( paint, primer ) that we use as part of a professional job. Hopefully the supply chain issues we are all experiencing end soon.

When choosing someone to refinish or paint your cabinets I would suggest starting by getting estimates from known professionals in your area.

Look at samples of their work, ask questions and see if they have a written guarantee or warranty. Appearance, professionalism and knowledge of the process can quickly be assessed during an estimate.

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