How Often to Paint Your Home

How often to paint your home? I get asked this almost every time I do an exterior estimate. This question is often paired with “what is the best paint?”

If a home is prepared correctly and a quality paint is used you can expect on average 10 to 12 years before repainting in Omaha. There are several factors that can increase or decrease this life span and the good news is most of it is within your control.

Factors affecting the lifespan of your exterior paint project.

  1. Is your home power washed prior to painting? Are chemicals used to kill mold/mildew?
  2. The amount of prep work performed. Caulking, sanding, priming, masking…
  3. The number of coats of paint. The thickness of those coats.
  4. The quality of the materials. Paint, primer, caulk.
  5. The weather conditions when the work is performed.
  6. Surface type. Wood, metal, hardboard…
  7. Condition of the surface. In need of repair/replacement? Damaged siding?
  8. Amount of sun exposure.
  9. Color of the paint. Some colors fade faster then others.
  10. The maintenance to the home after the work is done. Regular washing, bird nest removal, hedge trimming, gutter cleaning, etc.
  11. Addressing issues as they occur. Hail/storm damage…

Sometimes paint failure is due to other factors beyond anyone’s control. For example we did a commercial job once and we did everything right. The Paint we used was something we were familiar with and it was a “high end” product and It failed! No one could figure out why. Manufacture reps came and looked at the job, etc. At the end of the day no one knew why the paint didn’t perform. In fact it failed rather quickly. Within a few months. It was just bad paint so we did what a good paint contractor should. We redid the project with a different product.

How often to paint your home

Pick an experienced paint contractor, use a high quality paint and maintain your home. You will get the greatest return on your painting investment.

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