The Best Of

The Best of paints, primers, sundries. This listing is based on

  1. Performance
  2. Availability
  3. Price

The most important factor for us is the performance of a product. In todays economy we have to also give special consideration to the availability of a product too. Something may be “the best of” but if it is unavailable it doesn’t matter. It has been frustrating sometimes when the products we want are unavailable.

This list is based on the products we use daily and are pleased with. We tend to get a good price based on the volume we use. Regardless, the following are recommended products.

Best lower adhesion premium grade tape. PG29

Best high adhesion premium grade tape. Shurtape Colonial

Best high performance primer. STIX

Best high performance enamel. Command and Breakthrough

Best exterior house paint. Aura

Best interior wall paint. Ultra Spec 500

Best Spackle. 3M patch Plus

Best caulk gun. Albion

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