Sharp Paint Lines

Paint Lines


One of the biggest challenges for people is bringing two different colors of paint together and creating a sharp, distinct line between the two. The following photos are from a commercial job we did recently and it is a good example of how it is done.

On this project we were bringing together three colors. Orange, white, blue. As standard practice the surfaces to be painted received our standard prep. The walls were cleaned, sanded and areas addressed with drywall mud as necessary.


paint linespaint lines









Three Color Bands


After measuring the walls we rolled the center color (white) to overlap the areas where the orange and blue would be and painted an initial band of the orange and blue but keeping those colors short of where they would meet the white.


paint lines









Now we measure again and this time using a level we mark the line with a pencil. We then use a soft release tape to mark the pencil line.


paint linespaint lines









Trick Of The trade


Once all the measuring and taping is done we get to do the most important step. We seal the tape. What we do is take the white paint and paint the tape on the side where the orange and the blue will go. This seals it and any bleed through will be the same product that is under the tape so you wont see the bleed through. The next color over these areas can’t creep under the tape so you will get a crisp and well defined paint line.

Now it is simply a matter of cutting and rolling the orange and blue colors a few times.


paint lines paint lines








The results were great. The business owner was very pleased and we will be doing a few more of these.

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