Popular White Colors

It can be difficult picking a color for your project. “White” is no different. There are so many variations of white. Whether you are painting your house, walls, or cabinets, picking the right shade of white can be a challenge.

The most popular white colors we use when painting cabinets are

  1. Togue white
  2. Decorators white
  3. Alabaster white
  4. Pure white
Togue, Decorators, Alabaster, Pure

We have used other whites as well but these four are the most popular. We have done cabinets in many other colors too; black, blue, green, etc.

Occasionally we are asked to glaze a set of cabinets or do a special finish on them but “white” is still the popular choice in Omaha.

One of the most important considerations when picking a cabinet color is lighting. Natural light is important but so is the amount of light you have from light fixtures in your kitchen.

White on cabinets almost always works. It is an important consideration if your kitchen doesn’t have enough light. Dark colors work best in kitchens with lots of light. Can lights and other light fixtures that can have the light direction adjusted work well with dark colors. Adjusting the lighting to accent the cabinets is a nice look.

Four other things to keep in mind are:

  1. Counter top colors
  2. Backsplash colors
  3. Floor color
  4. Wall color.

One other consideration often overlooked is the color of you appliances. Stainless steel works with everything. Black does not. White appliances with white cabinets may be too much.

White cabinets will make a kitchen look bigger. Darker colors will make the kitchen look and feel smaller.

One more thing to keep in mind is resale value. Refinishing cabinets is an expensive process and while you may like the color a prospective buy may not.

If you stick to the popular white colors or any other white color you will improve the appearance of your home, make the kitchen seem bigger and you will retain good resale value.

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