• Q The Best Of

    The Best of paints, primers, sundries. This listing is based on

    1. Performance
    2. Availability
    3. Price
  • Q The Smoothest Finish When Painting Cabinets

    Whether you plan on painting your cabinets yourself of hire a professional, there are definite do's and don'ts if you want the smoothest finish when painting cabinets.

    It is common knowledge that any professional paint job is 70% or more prep work. Painting kitchen cabinets is no different. The typical set of kitchen cabinets will take about a week start to finish. About three days or so of that week will be prep work.

  • Q Popular White Colors

    It can be difficult picking a color for your project. "White" is no different. There are so many variations of white. Whether you are painting your house, walls, or cabinets, picking the right shade of white can be a challenge.

  • Q Which Room to Paint First

    When hiring a painter, perhaps for the first time, it is hard to know which room to paint first when what you want painted is the interior of your occupied home.

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