• Q Can Frozen Paint Be Saved?Can frozen paint be saved? While we would never use frozen or even leftover paint for a customers project, we are often asked if paint left in the garage or likely frozen paint can still be used.Paints are composed of liquids and solids held in suspension. With latex paint most of the liquid is water and the solids are suspended into that water. When the water freezes the solids are often squeezed out of the water, become separated and no amount of mixing will force the solids back into suspension.The separation of water and the solids is a process and often it will take more then 1 freeze to render the paint unusable. How hard or complete the paint freezes is also a factor.In my experience many latex paints can slightly freeze 2 or 3 times and be salvaged. A quick indicator is the consistency of the paint after it is remixed. Pour the paint from one container into another. Does it appear smooth or does it have a consistency of cottage cheese? If it is lumpy it's no longer good.If the appearance is good you will still want to test it. Often the paint may look ok but when used there is often differences in the sheen. It looks streaky or nonuniform on the substrate. Put some one a piece of drywall to check appearance and see how well it adheres.If after testing the paint it appears ok, it may be safe to use on a small project or touch-up.Frozen paint can still sometimes be used but the safer bet is to use that frozen paint to get a paint match and complete your project with a quality paint you can have full confidence in.
  • Q Picking a Paint Color for Your ClosetPicking a Paint Color for Your ClosetWhile most rooms have some sort of closet, there is so little conversation about what color to paint these useful spaces. Since they each have varying degrees of visibility, there are many different options to consider with color choices. While there are no rules for these areas, here are some general guidelines you can consider for the closets in your home.Amount of VisibilityClosets come in all shapes and sizes. Many homes have a coat closet in the entry way to hang their jackets and coats, and those that belong to guests. This is one that more people will see than inside your linen or cleaning supply closet, which usually has a closing hinged door. Most interior designers will tell you to just paint the inside of these closets the same color as the surrounding walls. If the closet is especially dark or in a poorly lit area, using a lighter version of the surrounding color is a great way to add a little variety and brighten the space. If you want a more dramatic feel, you can always add a light, neutral color that complements the rest of the room.Other closets are more open, like a walk-in closet, which is practically another room. There are three main options in these types of closets that are ideal from a design stand point. You can paint the closet:
    • The same as the bedroom. This gives the entire master suite a more cohesive feel.
    • A complementary color. While keeping the room still in the same color palette, the room is still a part of the suite’s overall feeling, but still a separate space.
    • Neutral light color. This option is most ideal for a walk-in closet that does not have any windows. This allows the room to feel bigger, but also increases the visibility in the space.
    The color in these big closets matter and will change how you feel in the space.Use of the ClosetAnother thing to consider is what the closet is used for. Since these spaces are so handy for storage, there are all kinds of directions you can go with color choices. Three good examples are storage closets, guest room closets, and laundry closets.Storage Closets. If you are storing holiday décor, camping gear, or anything you use several times a year, it is important to go with a light, or ever white paint color inside the closet. This increases the visibility in the closet, especially with a glossier sheen, and makes the space feel cleaner and organized. If you are storing memboralia, photos, or even random items that you have stuffed in there, a darker color is more ideal because it preserves the items or hides the junk a little better.Guest Room Closets. There are two definite directions to go with these closets. You can go with a white interior to make the room seem cleaner or go with a darker color to make it more stylish. Depending on the room colors, you might feel like one option goes more naturally than another. This is one of the closets that there is more freedom of design here.Laundry Closets. The best paint color for a laundry room Is a lighter color, even white. This gives the space a cleaner feel, which is the entire purpose of the closet.Making a ChoiceClosets are a great space for you to get creative with your tastes. They are a critical part to each room, yet the color options have no set rules to guide you in your choices. Next time you walk by a closet, think about the pop of color it could provide or the color that could lighten it all up and make the space seem fresh and clean.
  • Q Painting CeilingsWhen we are asked to paint ceilings 99% of the time we are painting them white. People just don't give ceilings a second thought. The default color is white.We have painted ceilings different colors from time to time but for the most part ceilings are almost always going white. It's pretty much the standard in the Omaha area.You may want to consider bucking the trend. It has a very dramatic effect when you walk into a room and the ceiling is not what you are expecting. Think of the ceiling as an accent point or fifth wall. painting ceilings       An interesting approach to the question of what color to paint your ceiling is to add some of your wall color to the standard ceiling white. How much to add is up to you but I would suggest starting light, you can always add more.Painting ceilings a darker color then the walls gives the feeling of infinite space. It does not make a room seem smaller but actually has the opposite effect and when the walls and ceilings are painted the same color it often appears that the ceiling color is slightly lighter then the walls because of the lighting in most rooms.Because of the nature of paint sheen I recommend going with a flat.     
  • Q Painting Kitchen CabinetsPainting kitchen cabinets is very popular across the country and Omaha is no exception to this trend.  While there are many websites pushing this as a DIY project, it can be challenging to even the professional to get it right.If painting your kitchen cabinets is something you are considering here are some things to keep in mind.This is a time consuming task and it is very disruptive to your routine. Having your kitchen torn apart for a week or so can be very stressful. Plan ahead. How will meals be prepared and served? Often in addition to the kitchen another area like part of the garage will be used to work on the doors/drawers. That's another area you may use the use of for several days. Allow yourself the time needed to have the job done right. This isn't something that fits into a tight schedule.There are many steps that must be taken to do it right. There are solvents, primers and paints and each one has an odor associated with it. While containment areas will be set up for sanding and painting, odors will travel through your home. Some of the products are probably not the type of thing you have smelled before.Know what to expect. In almost all cases the cabinets are wood. So in the end it will look like painted wood. The cabinets will be caulked and puttied as needed and the grain will be filled in after several coats of paint but in the end painting your cabinets will not transform them into a perfectly smooth plastic like finish.All the doors and drawers are going to be removed. In most cases the contents of your cabinets can remain, unless you want the interior of the cabinets painted as well, but they will be masked off so you will not have access to what's in them. The drawers will in most cases need to be emptied.Pick the right color. If in doubt, we can paint a sample door to display in your kitchen. This isn't the type of job you want to repeat because of a color your not sure of. 
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