Should you Paint Outside in the Heat

This is a common question. I am also often asked what the best time of the year is to paint outside. The best time in my opinion is late summer or early fall. The weather is more predictable and there are fewer temperature swings then in the spring.

The biggest problem with painting outside in the middle of summer is flash drying. If you paint in direct sun on a hot day this will occur. The surface of the home (siding) gets hot in direct sunlight. If paint is applied in this condition it will flash dry. I have actually seen steam raise from the surface when the paint is applied.

When paint dries too quickly it will create problems. The paint needs to be allowed to cure and have the solvent (water) evaporate over time. This allows the molecules of the paint to align and form a strong coating with good adhesion.

If painting is done on a hot day in the middle of summer then the paint should never be applied in direct sunlight. The painting should always be done on a side of the home opposite the sun.

How Do You Paint Cabinets Perfectly?

How do you paint cabinets perfectly? Well it starts with what we call Best Practices. Best practices is a commitment to using acquired skill and the best products available. I believe we use the best products but that doesn’t mean we are not open to new technology, primers and paints as they become available. Constantly striving for improvement.


A fine attention to detail and being prepared to do what is necessary for a successful outcome is key.

If you want a perfect cabinet project hire a seasoned pro. If you would like to save money and are willing to put in the time then effort we have many tips in our blogs for what you should do and not do.

Basically you need to set aside the time to do the job. Mask, sand, caulk, putty as needed and choose the best primers and paints available. Stick to paint stores not big box stores. There are many tips in this blog that will help you to do a great job.

Where most people fall short is not realizing the time commitment involved on a cabinet project. Most of our standard kitchen projects run about 150 man hours plus. We put multiple painters on a project so we can do most projects in a week or so.