Painting Furniture

We refinish lots of cabinets and one of our cabinet customers recently asked us if we would refinish/paint a small piece of furniture for her. It is something she used in her kitchen for cookbooks and such. We painted her kitchen cabinets and she loved it, we decided to give the piece a go. Painting furniture has the same process we go through as kitchen cabinets and the products we use are the same too. At least for us that is. I have noticed furniture painting videos on Youtube and was amazed at what some are using for paint and couldn’t believe their process. To each their own.

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Commercial Painting after hours

Commercial painting is a large percentage of what we do. When doing work for a business it is sometimes necessary to do the work when they are closed. This is usually done to accommodate the customer or employees. We would be in their way or they would be in ours. Sometimes this is done for safety reasons. For example we did a lot of sandblasting at MUD over a weekend once when the staffing was at a minimum for safety reasons.

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House Painting 2022

Another house painting season is upon us. One big difference this year is an increase in paint prices and a shortage of paint. Both are irritating. We had an increase in prices in September 2021 and then again in February 2022. The prices never go down. Combined with this is difficulty in getting the paint you want. For some reason the paint that is the most difficult to get is the good stuff. Paint that I wouldn’t consider buying is in good supply. This past weekend I drove to Kansas City just to get paint for two upcoming cabinet jobs.

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Caulking With Urethane

Caulking With Urethane

We have been working at Loess Hills Harley Davidson for the last year or so. Great people there. Especially Bill Fisher. We have painted the exterior and the interior of their store. Recently they asked us to fix caulking that a construction crew had done. It was really bad. The construction company installed new doors and then caulked the sides. It was horrible. The doors were installed as part of a remodel project of the store. We were there painting the new drywall. This job would require caulking with urethane caulk.

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Avoid Bad Kitchen Cabinet Painting

Kitchen cabinet Painting has become much more common. In Omaha it started trending upward about 5 years ago. Because of this there are many more people trying to tackle this type of project. Homeowner and painters alike.

Kitchen cabinet painting is not a project for the amateur. Bad workmanship is becoming more common on DIY jobs and more often then you think with many paint contractor jobs.

Cabinet painting is a niche for the well experienced.

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