Spraying in the Wind fails

Spraying in the wind fails…what do you do?

We were just doing a commercial exterior. On the first day all went according to plan. Second day everything went wrong. It was very windy. There was a constant wind of about 17 mph with occasional gusts of 30mph. These are not the type of conditions you want to spray in. We have sprayed in very windy conditions before. It is doable if you know how to compensate.

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Exterior Commercial

Exterior Commercial

Exterior commercial work is sometimes a challenge because of the traffic flow (customers) and not necessarily the task at hand.

We were recently asked to repaint the exterior of a chain of several grocery stores. The toughest part was the height of what needed to be painted. There was a lot of traffic going in and out as well. It was high work but we planned on using a man lift so the height was not an issue but the constant flow of people was a concern.

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