Library Paneling

Library paneling is always a nice project to do. The before and after is dramatic. On this particular project the before photos were blurry. The stain we used was provincial by Minwax. With library paneling there is always a lot of sanding to do. Before staining and between coats of finish.

We did not need to precondition the wood but we did use a sealer after staining and three coats of semi gloss pre catalyzed lacquer.

We timed the project so we had a full day for the stain to dry before spraying the lacquer.

Often the biggest challenge when doing this type of work is venting the lacquer fumes out of the property. It is a rather strong smell.

Wrought Iron Fence Painting

Wrought iron is made by repeatedly heating and working the iron over and over. This process makes the iron very strong and also expensive. We are in the process of cleaning, prepping, priming and painting hundreds of sections of Wrought iron fencing. Wrought iron fence painting is a good example of why the prep work is so important.

Wrought Iron Fence painting
Wrought Iron Fence Sections

The fence sections are very heavy so we need a minimum of two guys to move each one. We use stands to keep the sections upright. First thing we do is use a commercial degreaser. We liberally spray the iron down and wipe it clean. This will remove oil and contaminants from the manufacture process. We use a special degreaser from a local automotive supply house. The nice thing about it is it’s solvent based so it will evaporate off the wrought iron and does not need rinsing.

Then we caulk all the various sections. Where the verticals meet the horizontals. This takes more time then you realize.

The primer we use is a two component high performance urethane and the finish is a high performance urethane as well.. This is a very durable but expensive system. Many years of exterior exposure are to be expected with the system we are using.