Interior Lift Work

Interior lift work is common on commercial painting projects. We recently used one of our man lifts on a project in Omaha. It was the only way to get to the project besides scaffolding.

The project was in the Omaha Hilton downtown. There was a leak in the ballroom ceiling that caused some damage to the drywall and paint. It was more work getting set up to do the work then the work itself.

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Seal Coating Floors

When the timing is right it is common for a residential customer to ask that we seal coat floors prior to new carpet being installed. Seal coating floors is not difficult but getting the floors can be a challenge…

That was recently the case. It was a vacant house and new carpet was to be installed after all the painting was complete. We did the ceilings, walls, doors, trims and windows. Lots of painting. It took a bit of prep as the home was a new purchase and had been neglected.

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