Sprayed Ceilings

Sprayed ceilings are very common on commercial jobs where the ceiling structure is exposed.

Sometimes a homeowner wants the same effect. These photos are from an older home in the North/West part of Omaha. The exposed structure was redwood so tannin bleed was a concern. We normally use an oil based product to seal the surface but decided to try a latex product instead. The big plus with using a latex or water based sealer is low odor.

Using the latex product worked but it required 3 coats to lock in the tannin bleed. Fair trade off in my opinion. This room had no windows and ventilation was a concern. Because the homeowner picked a dark color it also required a couple coats of the finish color. We decided to use an exterior grade product for the finish for durability and hide.

When you spray such a large volume of paint in a small area like this there is a dramatic increase in humidity as the paint dries. To combat this we had several fans going. We still had a problem with condensation on the exposed duct work. We would normally turn the air conditioning off before spraying but since it was a typical Omaha summer day we decided to spray the duct work in very light coats and then put the fans on them to speed drying.

Sprayed ceilings can be a challenge sometimes. This one turned out good. Next we will prep and paint the walls and a couple doors and trim. The floor is also getting an epoxy coating.

No Parking

I am referring to NO Parking signs. We have a great shop and a great location but the big pain is parking. Our neighbor is a mechanic and the onslaught of vehicles constantly parking in our spots is irritating. Arrgg.

We have purchased so many signs over the last 6 months, we should start making our own. Interior shop signs, exterior, vehicle signs… and now No Parking.

Hope they get the message.

Stripe It

We recently did a round of repaints on the Fazoli’s in Omaha, Council Bluffs, Bellevue and Lincoln. When we were done they asked if we could stripe their parking lots.

This is not a difficult task. I think the biggest challenge is finding a time when there is limited traffic and getting a clean surface to stripe.

We went with the traditional yellow and blue for handicap parking and used a latex product for ease of use and quick drying. I was surprised how fast this stuff dried. We could walk on it in 5 minutes. Also surprising was how durable it was. It was difficult to scrape out of a plastic bucket. An unscientific indicator of a paints adhesion and durability.

We haven’t done lot striping before and I wasn’t sure if we would again so I didn’t spend a couple grand on a striping machine. I found an inexpensive rig that worked great. It is something we will use again. You simply attach your airless gun to the rig and your good to go. The Airless pump we were using was not gas driven so we used a generator for power and maneuverability. We are very happy with this setup and will be striping again soon.