Roll Like A Pro

Roll Like A Pro

By roll I actually mean rolling a wall and not how you carry yourself throughout the day.

When painting a room or the exterior of your home for that matter the typical choice of paint frame is the classic 9″. These are commonly found in all home improvement and paint stores. The quality of the frames offered runs the spectrum. Very cheap to contractor grade. I encourage people to always buy the best quality when it comes to tools. It more then pays for itself. Like the quality of the frame is the quality of the cover. Spend some money for a quality cover. A quality 1/2″ nap cover will be money well spent. When done clean it and use again in the future.

Another consideration when picking a paint frame is the 14″. Not a big as an 18″ which is typically used on floors and can prove unwieldy when used on walls. The 14″ frame is my preferred size. The motion when painting is the same but your coverage is much better. Only drawback in my opinion is you will have to roll out of a speed bucket and not out of a five gallon bucket which is the choice of most paint contractors.

We of course use both 9″ and 14″ frames. Wennie rollers and 18″ frames too. On most jobs we will break out a wennie roller, 9″ and 14″. All are used depending on the need.

It’s amazing what coverage and speed you can get when handing a 14″ frame/cover to someone that knows how to swing one. It dramatically cuts to time to do a job and I think the results and finish is better. I actually got the title of this post from a customer. She was amazed at the size and speed of a 14″ frame ans said “you roll like a pro”. Ha ha.

On your next project consider trying a 14″frame/cover. You too can roll like a pro!

Rebuild Brick

Rebuild Brick

We have had several jobs where we needed to repair or rebuild stone or concrete. This is the first job we were asked to rebuild brick.

Our home brewed recipe of urethane cement is what we decided to use. What makes this recipe so good for repair is what also makes it a challenge. It sets up very quickly. We have to mix small batches. The other thing I don’t like about it is that it is very hard on your hands. Any type of glove that is practical to use deteriorates very quickly. Cleaning your hands as much as possible and when done applying a good amount of lotion helps.

I tried to form each brick as the layers were built up. The entire process was done over four days. On the third day I used a grinder with a wire wheel to clean up the brick. I also decided to use a diamond wheel to cut and define the mortar lines a little bit more. The fourth day was mostly finishing touches.

After the brick work was done we used a high alkali primer on the repaired areas and then painted as usual.

The brick rebuild was much more difficult then other repairs we have done but the end results were good. The customer loved it.

Springtime 2020

Springtime 2020

The spring is my favorite time of year. The promise of all the beautiful days ahead. It is traditionally a busy time of the year for a paint contractor. As April begins, it is surprisingly still somewhat busy this year. Even with all the Corona Madness going on in the world. We are no way near as busy as we normally are but we are still working on projects, bidding blueprints and we are moving forward with our expansion plans into the bay next door.

The expansion will bring on more debt and that is a little unnerving right now but it is not the end of the world. Life will go on and we will move forward. We all will.

This is a great time to get ready for the BOOM ahead. Will you be ready? or will you be slow to the starting blocks?

This is the time to trim your sail and get ready for the race ahead. How long before we will be back to where we should be is the trillion dollar question. My guess is very soon.