Can’t Do This Floor

Epoxy floors were a very big part of my business many years ago. Just commercial ones like food plants, etc. We actually did many different types of resinous floors. MMA, epoxy, urethane cement.

There is a lot of money in those types of floors but the big thing for me was the challenge. They are difficult to do and there is always a limited time frame to complete it. Something always seems to go sideways and the pressure is high and all the plants want there floors done at the same time like Christmas, Thanks Giving. If the plant is going to be shut down, plan on spending your holiday there.

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Lots Of Safety Yellow

We recently started a job at one of the MUD facilities in Omaha. Metropolitan Utilities District. They are great to work for. This time we are prepping and painting lots of exterior steel. Lots of safety yellow. Much of it can be sanded and painted but some of it will need to be sandblasted. The sandblasting is scheduled for this weekend 10/10/20. There should be much less traffic at the facility on the weekend. The fewer people around when sandblasting the better.

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Dreaded Paint Blister

Dreaded Paint Blister

There are a few reasons you may get a blister on a new or newer exterior paint job. One reason is if the paint is applied within the dew point. You have probably heard a weather man mention the dew point and wondered what the heck is that or “why do I care about that”? The dew point is the temperature at which the moisture in the air will condense on a surface. Like moisture on the side of a cold beer glass. If you paint within the dew point the paint can’t adhere to the painted surface because of that moisture so it cures to itself. It’s just hanging there and will eventually form a bubble or bubbles.

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