Epoxy Floors

Epoxy floors were something we use to do very often. It actually became a cornerstone of the business and became so big we split off a separate company; which we eventually sold off.

The biggest problem is you need a large crew to do them right and most large floor projects are seasonal and far between unless you want to travel. You have the problem of how to hold on to your crew while seeking out the next job.

Almost all commercial flooring projects become available at the same. The holidays, while the plants are already shut done for maintenance. So you have several local companies that want their epoxy floors or special coating floors done at the same time.

One of the largest commercial resinous flooring companies in the United States is actually a commercial cleaning company. That’s how they keep their crew busy between jobs.

I really do like doing floors but travel is no longer an option. We have some pretty impressive floors on our resume. Very large, difficult ones.

Every once in awhile we get a chance to do one and then I remember how much fun they are. Most of the coatings we got into were exotic like MMA-Methyl Methacrylate but we did a lot of Epoxy and Urethane floors too.

We just did a very small exterior Epoxy Floor. Small but still enough to make me remember the “glory days” of the past.

This job was a front porch. We treated it as we would any floor. Perfect prep and coatings. There is nothing worse then a failing floor coating. It is always very important to clean the concrete and grind it.

This one got a two component commercial grade chemical epoxy and will perform for many yeaars.

High Ceilings

High ceilings are difficult with even the best of equipment. We just had two back to back. One was a commercial job in the Old Market. That ceiling was at 32 feet high. The second was in a residence that had vaulted ceilings that went to 23 feet at the peek. The residential job required scaffolding because of the way the ceiling was vaulted and the Commercial one required scaffolding because of the height and because it required a lot of scraping which can’t really be effectively done with a pole from the floor.

Scaffolding work can be difficult. The transport and set up is a task in its self. That stuff is heavy!! When using scaffolding it is always important to remember the weight and the floor it will be on. It is always very important to protect the floor prior to setup. We commonly use a product called Ramboard . It protects the floor and doesn’t get bound up in the wheels like a drop cloth would. It’s worth the cost.

The commercial job we did turned into a bit of a nightmare. it was obvious there would be a little bit of scraping from the ground but it quickly became obvious that there had been previous smoke damage and the ceiling was not cleaned and primed when it was previously painted. It took a lot of scraping and a lot of primer.

The primer we used was a shellac based product because of the smoke (big gun). It took quite a bit of it too.

Unfortunately I don’t have any nice after pictures. The new tenant moved in right on our heels.

Cabinet Pulls 2

Customers often ask if they should change out their cabinet pulls or knobs as part of a cabinet refinishing job. You can dramatically change the look of your cabinets by doing so and the cost can be minimal. I have found one of the best places to get new hardware from is Amazon. The prices are dramatically less.

If you have single hole knobs then it is easy. If you have double hole pulls then either find the same spacing between the holes that you have now or pick something completely different and we can fill the existing holes and drill new ones.

cabinet pulls

Be careful. Often packaging says a particular spacing dimension and it actually turns out to be different. If for example you find a cabinet pull at Lowes that you like, I would buy one, take it home and make sure it lines up correctly before buying a box full. I bought an entire box of cabinet pulls at Menards once and every package in that box was marked 3 and 1/2 inches but every one was a different size. Can be very frustrating.

If you are changing the spacing of the knob or pull, it is one of the first things that is done in the shop so you will want to make that decision before having the cabinet refinishing process started so the holes can be filled with an epoxy filler and sanded down.

Cabinets Max Capacity

So as mentioned many times, cabinets are our “thing”. Most likely because I enjoy doing them. I can’t really explain why I do, I just do. Anyhow the problem we are facing is running out of room in our shop so we can stay efficient.

We just finished a job that had over 200 cabinet doors. That’s a crazy number. It was for the kitchen, built-in units throughout the house, vanity’s, etc. Plus all the drawers, shelves, balusters, spindles, etc.


So what do you do when you run out of space but hate moving? I like our Bellevue location and in many ways I don’t feel like we have finished moving in yet. Argh!

Expansion is a better option then moving but the spaces on either side of us have been in “limbo” as far as when they will be available, if ever.

That being said, I believe we will be looking for additional space specifically for cabinet work and likely keep our Bellevue location as a base of operations.

It will be nice to be able to set up several spray booth areas to do multiple jobs in tandem.