Painting Ceilings

Painting ceilings isn’t difficult but no one seems to want to do them. If you have a ceiling that needs a fresh coat of paint or maybe you have some water stains you need addressed, the first step it to determine what type of ceiling you have. In the Omaha market textured ceilings are very common but smooth ceilings are gaining in popularity in the Midwest. You want to determine the ceiling type to know the best approach to painting it.

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The Color of your Child’s Bedroom Affects…

When deciding on a color or colors for your child’d bedroom consider that the color of your child’s bedroom affects behavior. Both Corporations and Governments have put research into how we are affected by the colors around us and have used that information to influence our choices and behavior. For example prisons paint holding areas pink because pink is a calming color. Restaurants use the color red because it stimulates appetite.

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Four Quick Painting Projects

Four Quick Painting Projects

If you have lived in your home for awhile it is easy to get used to the same old look. When you consider repainting it sometimes becomes overwhelming to consider a “painting project”. Here are four quick painting projects that you can consider to quickly change the look and feel inside your home. Just pick one as a possible kick start to possibly something more.

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Worst Job?

Worst Job?

USA Today listed the 25 worst jobs in America. Painter is number 10. The criteria is based on the quality of the work environment, amount of stress, occupational outlook and income.

It is interesting to read what they consider bad jobs and to point out most of the jobs have projected growth and good income. They have enlisted military personnel as number 5 but have no data to bolster their decision. No wages, job growth percentages or total employment figures.

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