Quality Cabinet Construction

Quality cabinet construction sometimes doesn’t come to light until it’s time for the cabinets to be finished. We work with several cabinet makers in Omaha. Some are very good. We occasionally have a set of cabinets that are obviously poorly made. Poor joining of materials, bad seams, really bad holes drilled for the pulls/knobs, etc.

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Epoxy Floors

Epoxy floors were something we use to do very often. It actually became a cornerstone of the business and became so big we split off a separate company; which we eventually sold off.

The biggest problem is you need a large crew to do them right and most large floor projects are seasonal and far between unless you want to travel. You have the problem of how to hold on to your crew while seeking out the next job.

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High Ceilings

High ceilings are difficult with even the best of equipment. We just had two back to back. One was a commercial job in the Old Market. That ceiling was at 32 feet high. The second was in a residence that had vaulted ceilings that went to 23 feet at the peek. The residential job required scaffolding because of the way the ceiling was vaulted and the Commercial one required scaffolding because of the height and because it required a lot of scraping which can’t really be effectively done with a pole from the floor.

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