Color Of The Year 2018

Color Of The Year 2018

Color of the year for 2018 is Black Flame, a Pittsburg Paint color.

I like Dark colors and especially dark purple so I really like this color with its indigo undertone. It would be a great accent color for many homes and would work in any room where you might be looking for an elegant, sophisticated feel.

The colors red, green and yellow would be great accents to this so when picking rugs, pillows or wall hangings, these would be colors to consider.

A room with Painted white wood trim would look fantastic with Black Flame on the walls!

Can Frozen Paint Be Saved?

Can Frozen Paint Be Saved?

Can frozen paint be saved? While we would never use frozen or even leftover paint for a customers project, we are often asked if paint left in the garage or likely frozen paint can still be used.

Paints are composed of liquids and solids held in suspension. With latex paint most of the liquid is water and the solids are suspended into that water. When the water freezes the solids are often squeezed out of the water, become separated and no amount of mixing will force the solids back into suspension.

The separation of water and the solids is a process and often it will take more then 1 freeze to render the paint unusable. How hard or complete the paint freezes is also a factor.

In my experience many latex paints can slightly freeze 2 or 3 times and be salvaged. A quick indicator is the consistency of the paint after it is remixed. Pour the paint from one container into another. Does it appear smooth or does it have a consistency of cottage cheese? If it is lumpy it’s no longer good.

If the appearance is good you will still want to test it. Often the paint may look ok but when used there is often differences in the sheen. It looks streaky or nonuniform on the substrate. Put some one a piece of drywall to check appearance and see how well it adheres.

If after testing the paint it appears ok, it may be safe to use on a small project or touch-up.

Frozen paint can still sometimes be used but the safer bet is to use that frozen paint to get a paint match and complete your project with a quality paint you can have full confidence in.