When To Hire A Professional Painter

Professional painters play a critical role in maintaining and updating your home. As a home owner you know all the responsibilities you have. Yard work, home maintenance, etc. It never seems to end. There is always something that needs attention. It makes sense that your not going to call a professional every time something needs to be done. Leaky faucets, installing a new light fixture, etc.

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Tinted Primer Magic

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We have already covered the function and importance of primer but what we have not emphasized is tinting that primer. There are several reasons for tinted primer but first and foremost is depth of color and hide. Tinting your primer doesn’t mean you can skip a coat of finish. That would defeat the purpose. What it does mean is you will have a finished product with color uniformity and depth.

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Using Magnetic Primer

Magnetic primer comes in many different brands and types however it is not magnetic. It is actually a mixture containing iron suspended in a resin. The first varieties available were all Aklyd or oil base because iron rusts in the presence of water. The Latex or water base varieties available now have encapsulated the iron particles so there is a barrier between the iron and water.

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Painting Shutters

Shutters are commonly found on homes today. If you are lucky enough to have the classic wood variety, you will want to take care of them. The vinyl/plastic variety are perhaps more popular but lack the detail and style the wood variety offer. If you are really really lucky you will have the functional shutter that can actually close and protect the window. These are increasingly rare.

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Cabinet Painting

Cabinet painting is very popular today. The trend has been away from stained cabinets and toward painted. Sometimes homeowners wants to coordinate other kitchen remodeling around the same time as the cabinet work but are not sure on the scheduling. Is it better to have the cabinets done first and then get new countertops? or do you want to get that new floor prior to having the cabinets sprayed?

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Stairway Painting

Stairway painting can be a little more difficult then painting a room. With a few tips, it is not any more difficult then painting in any other room. We always equip all our extension ladders with leg levelers. The strange thing about these, and frustrating, is that on stairs the levelers are always a couple inches short. We fix this problem by using a stair wedge. The actual name is “pivot ladder tool”. The ladder tool works well. We pretty much only use these on stairs and not in any of the other ways they show you can use this tool.

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Types Of Stain

There are several types of stain and it can get confusing knowing which to use and when. Go into any home improvement center or paint store and you will be offered basically 4 types of stain. Oil stain, water based stain, gel stain and varnish stain. There are other types as well and we will touch on those too.

Here is the information you need to help you choose the right one for your project.

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3 Reasons Why You Should Paint

Bank For The Buck

Painting is one of the most cost effective improvements you can make to your home. Material expense is minimal and labor rates are very reasonable. If you choose to paint yourself, you will save that expense as well. It is very easy to breathe new life into an old space and the change is fast. You can completely change the mood and feel of your space with ease. If you don’t feel like taking on painting all of your home, you can get dramatic results with simply doing an accent wall.

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