Painting Over Wallpaper

Painting over wallpaper is something we are asked to do from time to time. Can you paint over old wallpaper? The answer is yes!

All wallpaper can be removed. It just comes down to how cost effective that removal is. Sometimes the removal is going to be so difficult that the best option is to go over it.  There are a few things to check before breaking out the paint however.

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Ladder Safety

Ladder safety is pretty boring. It is however something you need to consider if you will be working on or near ladders.

It is highly unusual for there to be a painting job that does not involve a ladder. It is safe to say that there are few people with as much experience on and around ladders as painters. In all the years I have been on ladders I have only fallen twice. Once well over 30 years ago and last year. Both times the fault was poor footing of the ladder.

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How To Caulk

How to caulk as well as knowing where and when can greatly enhance the appearance of a room. Perhaps we should start with the types of caulk that are the most common. Acrylic Latex caulk is often used both inside and outside the home. Exterior and interior trim, moldings, drywall, windows, etc. are areas it is commonly used. It is temperature sensitive. Don’t use below 40 degrees. It is not as flexible as silicone. Silicone caulk is best for sealing glass, tile, metal. Often used in bathrooms and kitchens. There are some paintable varieties but true silicones are not paintable. Nothing sticks to silicone, including silicone, so tough to repair. It is usually not temperature sensitive. Silicones have a sharp odor as they cure. Polyurethane caulk has superior adhesion and remains flexible over long periods of time. It sticks to almost anything. Typically used outside and on commercial applications. Solvent clean up.

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Chalkboard Paint

Chalkboard paint, not to be confused with chalk paint, is paint that can be applied to many different surfaces and it gives you the ability to then treat that surface as you would a chalkboard. There are many manufactures out there. I recommend going with a top brand like Benjamin Moore . They have a great product and you are not limited to specific color choices. You can have it tinted in virtually any color! Some of the brands are only available in the traditional black or green.

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