Color Tracking

Color tracking can be a challenge on any job. On larger commercial projects it can become a nightmare. We have been on large projects that have different colors on almost every wall. As tough as that is to figure out, what is even harder is when a project is completed and occupied and you need to go touch something up. We normally retain the blue prints and color specifications but it doesn’t make things any easier.

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Paint Removal

Paint removal is one of the least enjoyable aspects to being a paint contractor. We previously discussed chemical strippers. My favorite being Peel Away. Heat guns are another option and as long as you remain below 1100 degrees you are safe from lead base paint fumes, if there is any lead based paint. The biggest drag to using a heat gun is holding it for long periods of time.

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Primer Know How

Primer know how is not hard to acquire. Knowing which primer to use and when is easy and I will share a few tricks as well. Primers basically do one of two things. They deal with a problem or they prevent a problem for occurring. For example primers that act as a sealer deal with water stains, smoke stains and odor, etc. (problems). Bonding primers act as an intermediary coat between the substrate and the top coat. They ensure a good bond of the top coat to substrate, (prevent problem).

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Wood Stain That Doesn’t Dry

Working With Wood Stain

Wood stain that doesn’t dry is not uncommon. If this happens to you it can be for a few different reasons. The first thing to consider is the type of stain you are working with.

Oil Stain. This is the most common stain and it is what most people are familiar with. This is the easiest to work with and is the most forgiving when used by non professionals. Fastest way to determine if it is an oil stain is to look at the clean-up instructions on the label. If it says to use mineral spirits, it is an oil stain. Biggest advantage to using an oil stain is it gives you plenty of time to work with it on the wood before you need to wipe it off. Oil stains usually have pigment added to them for the color but can also have dye added as well.

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