Exterior Painting In Winter

Exterior painting in winter is possible in the Omaha Nebraska area. Circumstances occasionally require that work be done to the exterior of a home of commercial building when the weather is rather cold. Usually when someone requests that paint work be done to the exterior of a home in the winter it is because of a sale of the property. Often when money is escrowed for work to be done at a later date the title company will withhold 1.5 times the estimated cost of the job. Sometimes the extra 50% is more then a seller wants held up in escrow.  On commercial projects it’s often preferred to get it done sooner then later. Usually special arrangements are made for exterior painting like tarping and heating exterior areas for painting.

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Painting Crown Molding

Painting crown molding can be challenging for several reasons. First among those is it’s height. As a minimum you are dealing with something eight feet high. In some cases it may be at ten feet or even much higher. That height poses the problem of being able to safely reach enough of the crown molding when up a ladder. When dealing with an eight foot height we will usually use a pick board (plank) between a couple six foot step ladders. This gives you a “runway” to work from and you can reach an area of ten linear feet or more.

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