Color Personality

What is your favorite color?

Don’t give the question a lot of thought. What comes to mind first? Do you have a color that you automatically choose if asked this question? Believe it or not, your color choice can say much about you and your personality.

Surprisingly the color people choose as their favorite is often not the color they surround themselves with. For example; while someone may say that red is their favorite color, that may not be the color they choose for their car or clothing.

Your favorite color is the one that you notice first in most situations. It is the color that you are naturally drawn to.

Among both men and women,  blue is the most popular first choice for favorite color. Possible reasons for this may be that blue is associated with clean water, clear skies, truth and tranquility.


color personality







Purple is the second most common choice for women. Green for men.

Men tend to like bright colors. Women softer colors. As a general rule, men tolerate achromatic colors much more than women do. An achromatic color is one that does not have a hue like black and white.

Women tend to like tints and men prefer shades. A tint is any color with white added to it and a shade is any color with black added to it.

Men tend to keep color names simple like “red” and women tend to use variants like maroon, cayenne, maraschino.

The least favorite color among men is brown and among women it is orange.

So what does your color choice say about you?

Red– You are results or action oriented and you need physical fulfillment.

Purple– You seek order and perfection in your life. You tend to want to help others. You have a strong need for emotional security.

Green– You need to belong and feel wanted. You have a strong desire to feel safe and secure. Acceptance and acknowledgement is important to you.

Yellow– Logical order in your everyday life is important. You tend to want to express your individuality and creativeness.

Orange– You have a need to socialize with people and be accepted and respected. Challenges are something you tend to seek out.

Blue– Inner peace and truth are important to you. You tend to be less flexible to the viewpoint of others.

Top 4 Paint Problems

Top 4 paint Problems You Might Experience When You Paint (And How To Solve Them)

If you have ever painted your living room, or any room for that matter then you will want to do everything you can to prevent those annoying paint problems that you will most likely experience. Take a look below to find out more.



top 4 paint problem





If you have drips then you most likely have a poor technique. This is normally caused by overloading the brush or roller frame. To remove this, simply get a scraper to remove the drips and smooth over the finish with some sandpaper. The Painting Company in Omaha can help you to avoid all of this and it is a great way for you to get the end result you want.


Hiding Stains


You may have stains on your walls. This can be because you have smoke or water stains and it can also be because you haven’t primed properly before starting the job. Priming can help you to avoid mildew stains as well!


Getting Rid of a Gritty Finish


Gritty finishes are again, a result of poor preparation. It can also be because you have impurities in the paint as well and this can cause you major problems. You should always make sure that you sieve out or strain paint before use. You might also want to sand down the wall to remove any bubbles or imperfections on the surface.


Brush Marks


If you have a natural wood finish then you may also experience brush problems. To avoid this with natural wood, sand down the area, wipe it down with a cloth and apply stain and finish with the grain keeping a wet edge. On a painted surface one key way to avoid brush marks is to not go back into a previously brushed area. Often when you do the paint has already started to set up and will not flow back out when re-brushed.

5 Tools everyone in the Paint Industry should be using

5 in 1

There are two tools that I always have with me and this is one of them. It has so many uses. A lot more then 5. Little point in going into all the ways I use it. Just suffice to say I don’t feel like a real painter if I don’t have my five on me. Funny how often employees say “hey boss can I use your five”.


5 tools











Razor Knife

I always have my knife on me. Even when I’m not working; which seems like always. This is the second tool I always have to have. Like my five I use it when taping and prepping. I like the replaceable blade way better then the snap variety although I have both. You often need a pair of pliers to snap the blades correctly besides my replacable blade knife just feels right in my hand.


3″ Purdy Brush


Ok it doesn’t have to be a Purdy but why not. I actually like the Corona and Wooster too. You want the true three inch variety with the thick heel. They hold lots of paint and when you know how to handle it, they cut like a charm. I spend extra time keeping my brushes clean and in good shape.


5 tools










Painters Whites

I was tempted to make this number one for a reason and ok some of you are saying “pants are not tools” and you are right however they are as necessary as any other “tool” in my book. If you want to be taken seriously as a painter you must wear your whites. Anyone that has worked for me knows how seriously I take wearing your whites. There is a long tradition to painters pants. My first post is about why painters wear whites. I never feel right if I don’t have my whites on and a five on one leg and a knife clipped to my pocket.


5 gallon bucket


The five gallon bucket is always taken for granted but if you have a clean one everyone wants it. So many people throw them out rather then taking a few minutes and cleaning them out. I use them to carry tools, tape, mask and I often roll out of them. “Real painters don’t use trays”. I do use a speed bucket when using a 14″ frame but other then that it’s the bucket for me.


Extension pole


You don’t only need an extension pole to reach the high stuff. You should always be using one. I normally use a 2′ to 4′ pole. It really saves your arm and greatly improves the quality of your roll. There are lots of varieties out there. I like “Mr. Long Arm” the best. I use the Smart-Lok variety. It is nice to be able to remove the frame from the pole without unscrewing it.


5 tools