Water Stains


Water stains have a way of coming back again and again, even after the cause of the problem is fixed and the water has dried. Often tannins in construction lumber are carried by the water through the drywall and are deposited on the surface as the water dries. Tannins can be difficult to seal and if there is a high mineral content in the water it’s worse.


water-stain on drywall water-stain on ceiling tile


These are two good examples of how the tannins radiate to the edge of the stain as the water dries.



The key is to use the right sealer. The “big gun” is shellac. You would be hard pressed to find a stain this won’t take care of.


BIN sealer by Zinnser for water stains

Many water stains can also be addressed with various other sealers such as Kilz. Once the stain has been sealed you only need to paint over it with a quality topcoat.


Water Stains

Water stains always have a root cause. Whether it is a build up of condensation in the attic, leaking roof or a plumbing issue, it is important to investigate the matter and correct the problem.



Peeling Bathroom Paint



I am often asked by customers why the paint in their bathroom is peeling and how to fix the problem. This is a common problem that occurs where there is excessive moisture. Besides being an eye sore if the problem is not fixed it can turn into a disaster. Moisture that is allowed to penetrate into the drywall will lead to decay and mold growth. Besides being an unsightly problem this can also become a health concern because of the mold.


peeling paint in shower




The goal is to reduce or eliminate moisture accumulation. When using the shower make sure the fan is on and allow it to run for a bit after your shower. If you don’t have a fan consider having one installed. If that is not an option, open a window while showering and maybe leave the door open as well. Moisture is the cause of 90% of peeling bathroom paint.



To begin the repair you want to start with a dry ceiling or wall. If it is dry to the touch, start by scraping away all the loose paint and drywall (if it has gotten that far). If the surface appears wet as you scrape at it go ahead and continue to open up the area to allow it to dry. After you have removed all the loose paint/drywall, the area needs to dry. Consider putting a fan in the room to speed up the process.

If the problem is limited to peeling paint and/or slightly damaged drywall we can move to the next step after it dries. If the drywall is damaged to the point of needing to be cut out and replaced then that is the next step. I will assume that replacement is not necessary.

Make a diluted solution of bleach to water ( a couple table spoons to a sprayer bottle). Spray the peeling area evenly making sure it gets wet. You want the area to dry prior to spraying it with the bleach water so that the solution will get drawn into the wall or ceiling. The bleach will kill the mold. It can be there even if you don’t see it. Allow this to dry. Lightly sand the area with 100 to 120 grit sandpaper. If necessary you can skim a small amount of drywall mud over the area to even it out. Sand that when dry.

Now you want to seal the area. Use an alkyd sealer. Cover stain or Kilz is a good choice. You can then paint the area with your topcoat. Consider using a paint with some sheen, eggshell or semigloss. This will help. You may also consider using a paint designed for bathrooms. These often have a mildewcide in them. You can add a mildewcide to almost any paint as well. You can purchase the mildewcide at the paint store and have them shake it into the paint for you. Peeling bathroom paint is a common problem but it is one that is easy to fix.


Barney’s Blood

Have you ever really paid attention to the names of paint colors? If you ever scan through a color deck you quickly get the sense of how ridiculous some of the names are.

I recently spotted the work of comedian Jeff Wysaski and wanted to share it with you.


barney's blood & blond, James blond.


Yellow, is it me your looking for & Color of my tears when friends ended


Eternal darkness that will consume us all & Stacy's hair


Tarantino red & Olive-ia Newton John


Never take me alive, Copper & Ghost

Scary proof Paint

Scary story

Fears are common in children between the ages of three and eight. Children have a vivid imagination. A scary story or movie is sometimes all it will take.  Children eventually outgrow these early fears.





I recently discovered a neat idea on helping your child overcome these fears in a fun way. It’s called the Monster proof paint kit. This idea from Peter and Izzy was born out of a desire to help their own children feel safe. This ingenious product is available at Amazon.


Monster Paint


What you get is a colorful printed label that will fit a one gallon paint can, monster proof powder, and a full color story book to read with your children.


Monster powder


After mixing the Monster proof powder with your paint, you simply paint the walls and transform the room into a monster free zone. The room is shielded from bad dreams and monsters.


monster proof paint company


This is a fun way to regain your sanity and get some sleep yourself. Monster Proof Paint is a smart idea and it’s made in the USA.