Office Painting

Office painting is not any harder then residential painting however the challenge is usually in the scheduling. Most businesses want their facilities painted at a time that will impact their customers or employees the least. At The Painting Company we are accustomed to scheduling in the second and third shift. We have a Hair Salon in Ralston Nebraska scheduled this week for the second shift (after 5:00 pm) and we have a restaurant in Omaha Nebraska scheduled for the third shift (after 12:00 am) next week.

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Paint Contractor Secret Hacks

Paint Contractor Secret Hacks. We all have them but few choose to share them. Many years ago I went to Reno Nevada to attend a painters convention. This was a long time ago. I believe it was in the early nineties, anyhow one of the things I was excited about was there was an “Old Timer” that was going to share the painting secrets he accumulated over many many years. This particular seminar was cancelled and I was bummed. We all look for easier or secret ways of doing things better and faster.

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Best Time to Paint Your Omaha Nebraska Home

We tend to have temperature extremes in the midwest. Specifically Omaha. There are times better suited to others for exterior painting around here. Most paints are made to be applied when the temperature of the substrate is 50 degrees and above as the coating dries. This is not necessarily a strict limitation, but a general guideline.The best time to paint in the midwest is spring and early fall.

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Expensive Paint

Paint Value

Paint value is easy to determine. Many customers ask me if the more expensive paints are worth the money. I previously talked about how to determine the quality of paint back in May of this year. Quality paints costs more because they have more of the ingredients that make for good coatings plus the quality standards of those ingredients are much higher.

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